There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
— Anais Nin

Here, A Few Words from A Few Unite Tour Clients...

True love is what I witnessed in my miraculous time in Tanzania with Unite, Sister Crispina, the beautiful children of St. Joseph’s, and the inspirational team of The Heaven School. They affirmed God’s message that Love is everything and the only thing. The children are joyous, hopeful, generous and kind... to each other and all they meet. They have only what they need, and need only what they have. They are love! And I am wholly inspired to follow their lead. They are living God’s word and I am eternally grateful and forever changed. Thank you Anne and Unite for showing me the way. Your work with Sister Crispina is love in action. You are making a huge difference in their lives and I feel blessed to play a tiny role in continuing this work. May God continue to bless all of you! You are in my prayers always!!
— Lisa Lawrence, Westport CT
Our family spent three weeks in Tanzania with Unite, and I can honestly say it was a life changing experience. In a world dominated by electronics, materialism and pop culture, it was so inspiring to hear my teenage daughter say, “Though they live on so little, they are so happy! I am never going to forget this.” Anne Wells took us to places that none of us knew existed. Helping people in dire need through physical service projects was great, but the really incredible part of the journey was the emotional and spiritual connection we made with the amazing people of Africa and the lifelong attachment to Africa that we will now always have. I cannot even imagine how much work was done behind the scenes by Unite because everything went like clockwork in a country where one would not expect that to happen. There are very few people in the world who really change your life, but Anne Wells and Unite did that for me and my family, and for that, we will be forever grateful.”
— Will Muggia. Massachusetts
I had the pleasure of traveling on a Unite Tour to Tanzania with my 15-year-old son, and it was an amazing journey on so many levels. We were treated like family; at St Joseph’s we visited classrooms and dorms and heard of plans underway to improve every inch of every child’s experience; we met bright eyed, curious, loving children at every turn and the warm, capable adults caring for them. In real time we saw the love of the community and the limits of what is possible given the infrastructure and poverty. At all times we felt full with possibility and gratitude for what is and never dejection or desperation for what is not YET. It was an indescribable feeling of connection, respect and purpose. Our visit to Unite’s Maasai Health Project was similarly enriching. As a medical practitioner I was most eager to meet this tribe and learn more about their diet and health care. Once with them I was so awed and overcome by their genuine welcome and warmth to my son and I that I soon became so engrossed in the experience of being with them that I forgot to ask my questions. Still, being with them, translating from Maasai to Swahili and then to English for me, I learned volumes about the value of their connectedness and felt first-hand the depth of their emotional and spiritual health in every hand I held and in every embrace. To say that these experiences were life altering falls flat. They were life improving for us. My son and I returned to the US humbled by all that the Tanzanians have in comparison to us and all that we hope we can do to help them with their relative lack of supplies and sustenance as they have so richly and generously helped us.
— Jennifer Boyd, Westport, CT
My trip to Tanzania with Unite, was, in a word, outstanding! The travel, and what we were able to do and see, completely surpassed my expectations. Traveling with Unite team was like having our own personal passport to a country filled with wonderful people and sights. I left there feeling as if I had been let in on a wonderful secret. We had a ball! You cannot exaggerate what a wonderful experience it is.
— Dede Fratt, Oregon
My family had the pleasure of traveling with Anne Wells on a Unite trip in 2013, and again in 2015. Having the opportunity to be on the ground working with the people Unite supports was a very fulfilling experience for our family. We kept saying, “These people are amazing!!!” Despite their visible level of poverty, they were gracious, generous, and welcoming. Unite’s partners are also tenacious, strong, and working hard to move their people forward. We saw firsthand how Unite’s tools of education and women’s empowerment can make dramatic change. In just over two years we witnessed St. Joseph’s Orphanage and the Heaven School transform from an “idea” and a muddy field of dilapidated buildings into a beautiful “campus-like” environment that educates hundreds of children and provides a loving home for orphans. We fell in love with the children and their high spirits. They are fun, eager, loving, and so connected to humanity. Their smiles are absolutely infectious! For exuding so much happiness in the midst of such adversity, we put these kids on a pedestal. One of the most memorable and heartfelt moments of our trip was watching the children sing songs and play their musical instruments. It was a room full of smiling, happy, and - yes, proud kids!!! Bravo Unite!!! We want to thank Anne and all those who help make Unite’s mission of transformation possible. Their “drops” send ripples that change lives, communities, and perhaps the world. Our experience was truly life-changing.
— Kim Crosby
Our trip with Unite was mind blowing. Anne and her team were amazingly thoughtful, knowledgeable and caring. Spectacular scenery and wildlife, amazing and one of a kind lodging, innovative NGOs & projects, etc. Truly a trip of a lifetime. A must!
— Marco Greenberg and Stacey Nelkin, New York
I went to Tanzania on a Unite Tour in 2010 and had the unique opportunity to see a a breathtaking country through the lens of a humanitarian purpose. Unite exposed me to the rugged nature of Tanzania’s most severe needs while offering us all the chance to connect with the locals who surpassed their circumstances with profound kindness. Unite has doggedly worked to help the Tanzanian people, and it was a wonderful experience to be part of that mission.
— Jessica Ricci, Rhode Island
We had the most incredible trip to Tanzania. It was made all the more meaningful by connecting with Unite partners. Unite staff in Tanzania are not only delightful to work with, but they are wonderful ambassadors for their country. They educated us every step of the way. Working with Unite was the most gratifying experience. Everyone should be so fortunate!
— Kate Kahn, Massachusetts
My trip with Unite to Tanzania has stayed with me in many ways... I particularly liked seeing the needs that we were able to actually stocking the shelves with books and provide the teachers the resources they needed. I also loved taking the kids from St. Joseph’s Orphanage out on field trips, to get to know them, to get them out of their comfort zones, as we were out of our comfort zones... It was magical. And I loved our time with Unite’s Maasai Women’s Health Education Project. This was a beautiful woman-only experience, and I will treasure it forever. Any time women can help other women succeed and be their best version of themselves, we are on the right track.
— Kenlynne Mulroy, Florida
Anne Wells is extremely knowledgeable about Tanzania and is a passionate advocate of Unite’s mission and projects. Her positive, can-do personality has enabled her to develop a fantastic group of contacts who have become wonderful friends over the years. I cannot imagine having a more powerful and purposeful experience while traveling abroad.
— Carrie Polk, Missouri
Being part of Unite’s first service tour in 2009 with my daughter and two nieces opened up our eyes to the most basic levels of need — food, health, clothing and education — and to a people that gave back of themselves wholeheartedly. Asking my girls one question — If you could give, support a group/cause, which one would you choose? — opened up a lifetime of discussion. Unite gave me a unique and priceless experience with my girls.
— Lucie Duhamel. Connecticut

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