Any one of us, however small and helpless we may feel, can spark unimagined changes. Today’s small act of kindness can become tomorrow’s whirlwind of human progress.
— Mawi Asgedom, Author Of Beetles & Angels

Unite Tours offers unique and pioneer cross-cultural and voluntourism opportunities across Tanzania, personalizing experiences and affording many opportunities to learn, share and discover in all the ways that are most important to YOU.

Whether you want to spend time reading in classrooms, playing football or music with orphans, visiting traditional Maasai bomas, hunting with the Hadzabe, and/or touring some of the most advanced medical centers in the country, Unite can make it happen… all before or after your journey deep in to the bush where you can experience the greatest concentration of wildlife on Earth. Our goal: Match talent to need and empower powerful and transformative connections and exchanges for the greater good of all.

In partnership with Unite The World With Africa Foundation, we invite our clients to visit The Heaven Pre & Primary School, the St. Joseph's Orphanage, Unite's Maasai Health Program, and many others where they are received as friends rather than tourists. It is our sincere hope that the people you meet become treasured relationships that last years to come. Our work is to ensure that our clients' experience is magical and true… 

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